Our classes are based on the principles of 5 Element Theory and the meridian system, Yin & Yang, the concepts of Hara and Ki (life force), and offer a therapeutic focus via corrective exercises that help to balance body, mind & heart.

KI YOGA – a class customised for each season, utilising specific meridian stretches and sequences that will lead you to the asanas in a way that balances energy, mind, breath and body. Develop strength, flexibility and confidence.

OKIDO YOGA – a contemporary Japanese yoga incorporating yoga asana, do-in self-massage, meridian work, qigong, strength and purification exercises. Core activating, joint mobilising, nourishing and strengthening. An enjoyable, mindful class to sustain you through the day and the week.

RESTORATIVE/YIN – practicing at a slower pace, holding the poses for a little longer and making use of bolsters, blankets and belts to assist with going into a place of stillness and reflection.  A great recovery session for athletes, those coming back from illness, or those looking for a more contemplative practice.  Incorporates a yoga nidra (guided relaxation) or a meditation practice.

PILATES MAT –  focused on pelvic floor health, postural alignment and core strength.