KI YOGA -my asana classes are based on the principles of 5 Element Theory and the meridian system, Yin & Yang, the concepts of Hara and Ki (life force), and offer an opportunity to connect body, mind & heart. The classes include breath practices, guided visualisations, some partner exercises, a therapeutic focus with corrective exercises, and seasonal information that helps you to create internal balance and harmony.  I also incorporate mobility exercises into the classes to improve joint & muscle function, and balance.  Modifications are offered for beginners or those with some injury or limitation, and we aim for everyone to enjoy the experience at their own pace, and in their own way.

RESTORE & REPLENISH – practicing at a slower pace, holding the poses for a little longer and making use of props to assist with going into a place of stillness and reflection.  A great recovery session for athletes, those coming back from illness, or those looking for a more contemplative practice that addresses stress and anxiety levels.  Incorporates a yoga nidra (guided relaxation) or a meditation practice.  Please note, this is not a strength class.


“I started doing yoga when I was 72, so don’t ever think it is too late to start!   I practiced traditional Hatha consistently for around 5 years, before having some orthopaedic surgery and an enforced time out with another medical diagnosis that put my yoga practice to the test. Along came Covid19, and face to face yoga stopped and, like a lot of people, I lacked motivation to do yoga at home by myself.
When things returned in late 2020 I took a trial lesson with Anne at Mosman Village Yoga, a different style called Ki yoga and I now do 2 sessions a week and some practice at home between classes.  Where did that motivation come from?
 Anne has a natural ease in her relationship with the class.   The Ki yoga is the most useful of all the yoga styles I have tried and I now move more easily with much less (and even sometimes no) hip pain. I don’t think about my age, I just want to live better and this is my key to that goal.”

Dianne C