Japanese Yoga Teacher Training
with Peter Masters and Anne Bailey

Commencing 12 October, 2019

Have you reached the point where you want to dive deeper into your yoga practice to create a life of more health, happiness and self expression? Do you feel a calling to teach and want to enhance your skills to be able to teach safe and effective classes?  Then join us for the 200-hour Japanese Yoga FOUNDATION Course and watch your life transform.

Japanese Yoga (Okido and Ki Yoga) incorporates elements from many disciplines including Hatha yoga, Zen, Taoism, traditional eastern medicine, the martial arts and shiatsu. Its original inspiration comes from the late Japanese zen yoga master, Masahiro Oki, and is a holistic way of cultivating the life force that addresses four main areas: movement, breathing, mind-heart and diet.


  • Our comprehensive course is registered with Yoga Australia and is led by two senior registered teachers with more than 50 years combined experience. You’ll be guided and supported safely in a step by step way, covering the basics first which will hold you in good stead whether you wish to become a teacher, or simply want to take your personal understanding and practice to the next level.
  • Join a group of like minded people and develop deep friendships while you learn unique Japanese yoga and self-healing concepts and practices.
  • The training is held in a well-established, fully equipped studio specialising in Japanese yoga with access to additional workshops with international teachers in this lineage.
  • Opportunities to gain student teaching experience are available in the studio where you train. This will include opportunities to assist in classes, and on Intensives and Workshops gaining more practical experience.
  • Ongoing mentorship providing support, encouragement, and inspiration.
  • Recognised qualification with Yoga Australia, with further modules available to reach Level 1 membership if desired.


Whether you intend to be a teacher or not, this course is a life changing and worthwhile experience.
It’s very holistic, not only covering the physical aspects of yoga but also the spiritual, energetic,
nutritional and philosophic. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made – it has really give me the tools
to take care of my wellbeing and to live to my full potential.
It has also given me the tools to support others wellbeing and full potential.




BA Communications, Dip.Shiatsu STAA Senior Level 3 Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia

Peter is a senior Australian Okido Yoga teacher with a wealth of experience to share. He was Director of Zen Central Yoga Studio in Brisbane from 2002-17 and has been leading the Yoga Life Training yoga teacher training course in Brisbane and Sydney since 2000. The East West Centre in Sydney was Peter’s original place of training in the early 80’s and he trained with Dr Masahiro Oki at the International Oki Yoga Dojo in Mishima, Japan in 1984. Peter’s taught widely in Australia leading numerous workshops and retreats and he’s also led many overseas yoga study trips to Japan, Italy, Bali and Hawaii.

Peter’s been teaching at Mosman Village Yoga in Sydney since it opened in 2012 and is a practitioner of Zen Shiatsu and other areas of study and practice include Qigong, Feng Shui and Meditation.



Senior Level 3 Registered Teacher with Yoga Australia, CERT III Psychosomatic Therapy, Director Mosman Village Yoga

Anne is the studio’s founder and director. She has been practicing yoga since the mid 1990’s, and completed her initial Ki Yoga teacher training diploma with Jack Marshall at the Zen Renaissance Centre in 2004. She subsequently completed the Yoga Life Training with Peter Masters in 2013, including delivering some aspects of that training course, and over recent years has undertaken many specialised masterclasses with visiting Japanese and Brazilian Okido yoga teachers.

Anne has undertaken further training in Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga as well as completing a Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy . She has also completed Level 1 Somatic Movement Education training in the Hanna Somatics method. She has a background in Naturopathy, Herbalism, Homoeopathy and Remedial Massage, and is a Reiki Level 1 practitioner.

I loved the whole course, it was awesome learning about the Japanese way.
Give yourself a whole year of dedicated yoga learning. Make the change!   


One of the best decisions I have made. A course that is so much more than asanas – transforming and life changing. A most caring and supportive environment for learning. Cannot recommend it highly enough.


A nurturing and growing experience in all respects. It has shown me that life based on the 5 Element philosophy just makes so much sense. As a solid introduction and springboard to further self-study, investigation and growth – whether or not one wishes to teach, I recommend this course.