• We ask that you take responsibility for your own body, and respect its limitations, as well as respecting other participants in the class. Yoga is not competitive, and there’s plenty of encouragement and support available, take rests as and when you need them. It is perfectly acceptable to decline to participate in any partner exercises, hands-on assists, or any practices that do not feel supportive for your condition.
  • Group classes are not suitable for everybody. Floor work is a large part of our classes, involving kneeling and sitting, so a reasonable level of mobility is required to participate. If you are unwell with any acute condition (flu, coughing, fever, rashes etc) please be considerate of others and absent yourself from class until you are recovered. We offer extensions to passes when a medical certificate is provided.
  • Beginners: While we do run a Beginner’s Fundamentals course from time to time for those with no prior experience, it is still possible for beginners to join some of our classes, but please make the teacher aware before the class if this is your first time, and disclose any current or chronic health conditions so we can offer modifications if necessary.   
  • Pregnancy: if you had a regular practice previously, you may join some of our classes when you are past the 12 week mark, and provided you are in good health. You must advise the teacher about your pregnancy before the class so appropriate care can be taken. Please contact us to discuss whether a particular class will be suitable for you.
  • A Minimum number of bookings is required for a class to proceed. If a class is cancelled, you will be notified and the class returned to your online account to use at another time.
  • Classes must be paid for in advance. Passes are non refundable and non transferable. 
  • We encourage you to register your details, book and pay online in advance, either at our website or using the MindBody app, so that we can manage our resources. It is possible to register at the studio, but allow 10 minutes to complete registration prior to class commencement. Arrival without a booking does not guarantee you a place.


  • The first 10 minutes of the class is dedicated to warm up, so if you are more than a few minutes late to class, it is not only disruptive to others, it may be unsafe, so the teacher may not permit you to participate. In this instance, there is no compensation for the loss of the class.
  • Remove your shoes before entering the studio and place your belongings in the shelves inside the studio. Please do not leave valuables unsecured at Reception, as we take no responsibility.
  • Please refrain from wearing strong perfume and essential oils.
  • Mobile phones are to be on silent/switched off in the studio. No video/audio recording permitted without prior permission.
  • Mat spray is available for your use – please clean your mat after class has finished. You are welcome to bring your own mat, towel or sarong if you prefer.
  • No water glasses or glass bottles can be taken to the mat area.