KI YOGA – a class customised for each season, utilising specific meridian stretches and sequences that will lead you to the asanas in a way that balances energy, mind, breath and body. Develop strength, flexibility and confidence.

OKIDO YOGA – a contemporary Japanese yoga incorporating yoga asana, do-in self-massage, meridian work, qigong, strength and purification exercises. Core activating, joint mobilising, nourishing and strengthening. An enjoyable, mindful class to sustain you through the day and the week.

RESTORATIVE/YIN – practicing at a slower pace, holding the poses for a little longer and making use of bolsters, blankets and belts to assist with going into a place of stillness and reflection.  A great recovery session for athletes, those coming back from illness, or those looking for a more contemplative practice.  Incorporates a yoga nidra (guided relaxation) or a meditation practice.

PILATES MAT –  focused on pelvic floor health, postural alignment and core strength.

Beginners: While we do run a Beginner’s Fundamentals course from time to time for those with no prior experience, it is still possible for beginners to join some of our classes, but please make the teacher aware before the class if this is your first time, and disclose any current or chronic health conditions so we can assess whether it will be appropriate for you to attend a group class.  Floor work is a large part of our classes, involving kneeling and sitting, so a reasonable level of mobility is required to participate. The most important thing to remember is that yoga is not competitive, and there’s plenty of encouragement and support available, take rests as and when you need them.  We ask that you take responsibility for your own body, and respect its limitations, as well as respecting other participants in the class.  If you are unwell with any acute condition (flu, coughing, fever, rashes etc) please absent yourself from class until you are well again.

Pregnancy: We do not currently run separate pre-natal classes so we recommend that you seek out specialist classes if you have never done yoga before, or you have some special requirements.  If you had a regular practice previously, you may join some of our classes when you are past the 12 week mark, and provided you are in good health. You must advise the teacher about your pregnancy before the class so appropriate care can be taken. Please contact us to discuss whether a particular class will be suitable for you.

Mats, blankets and bolsters are all provided in the studio and are cleaned regularly, but please bring your own mat or a towel or sarong if you tend to sweat.  Mat spray is available in the studio for your use.  Please refrain from wearing perfume, and mobile phones are to be switched off in the studio.  Time is important for everyone – arrive 10 minutes prior to start time so that you can settle in and ask any questions.  Best not to eat for at least 1.5 hrs before class, and bring layers + socks for the cooler months.